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Hard water contains dissolved calcium and magnesium compounds. Hard water can cause your tap, faucet, shower, and other household appliances to stop working. Most of the water in San Antonio and the surrounding areas is hard water. The water becomes hard as it passes through the pipes from the municipal treatment facilities, picking up many minerals and pollutants along the way. Below, you’ll see some ways having water softening systems installed in San Antonio TX can benefit you!

Due to the nature of the hard water in the area, residents need a water conditioning and treatment system for San Antonio water softening. The water conditioner system helps by removing all toxins and treating your water. It helps soften water and increases the functionality of the appliances at home. Here are the negative effects that come as a result of hard water use in our daily life.

Breakdown of Home Appliances and Plumbing

Hard water starts to scale in pipes, Faucets, and water-using home appliances such as dishwashers, coffee makers, and clothes machines. This scaling contributes to the breakdown of appliances’ functionality as well as efficiency over time.

The scale layer builds up with time in plumbing, causing water flow and pressure loss. It also clogs in water ports such as faucets and showerheads, reducing water flow. It is important to buy a water conditioning unit in your home in order to assist in the slowdown of build-up of these deposits. Look at it as a way to protect your pipes as well as appliances.

Shortens Lifespan of Hot Water Heaters

Electric and tankless water heaters using hard water have a shortened lifespan caused by the scale buildup. Due to the scale, the water heaters break down after a short period.

White Film Covering on Dishes and Glasses

Dishes and glasses get a white film covering caused by hard water, which is hard to wash away. The detergents react with hard water producing the white film. Many times this can damage dishes permanently leaving glass dull and cloudy. Getting a water conditioner can ensure that your dishware is safe from this kind of damage. 

Reaction with Soaps and Detergents

Hard water reacts with detergents negatively, because it is unable to form a foamy lather. Detergents and soaps work by reacting with the available molecules in water and when there are many microscopic particles such as minerals dissolved in your water, the water is considered already pretty saturated and in turn, does not have the ability to dissolve more things into it. Soaps are not properly washed away from garments and household objects and it forms a scum-like substance that is left behind. This increases your spending, which could be avoided by buying a water conditioning unit. A water conditioning unit can help you cut down the costs of purchasing cleaning detergents (since you won’t have to use as much) and reduce the time spent removing buildup minerals in your home.

Wears Down Clothing

If you notice that your clothing color fades quickly and fabrics become rough and dingy quickly, you might be dealing with hard water. Using softened water to wash your clothing will allow for your clothing materials to last longer. You will also notice that your detergent works effectively to remove stains, brighten colors, and whiten whites.

Damages on Skin and Hair

Hard water causes itchy skin and dry hair. In turn, your body will need more lotion and conditioner to keep moisturized. A layer of buildup and limescale is formed on your skin and hair with prolonged exposure to hard water. Hair follicles cannot function properly when covered in the residue caused by the mineral build-up and over time this reduces hair silkiness and causes skin dryness. Using soft water can help you fight this problem and bring back softer healthier skin and hair. 

Get a Water Softener in San Antonio & Say Goodbye to Hard Water!

Hard water can make our lives expensive because of the damages it causes. Being able to recognize the effects is the first step in fixing the problem. Buying a water conditioner is the best way to combat all the issues caused by hard water. San Antonio Water Solutions installs durable and reliable water softening systems in San Antonio TX and the surrounding areas for business owners and residents who are looking to improve their quality of life with a water conditioning unit.